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Meeting Notes 02.15.2022

3-for-3 Concerns:

Students with problems to get into HAWAC should talk to Clemon Mccullough and email him your ID card with the front and the back

Although plant ops is really good with clearing the path ways, they are icy sometimes but there is a bucket of salt in every building

Plant Operation issues were addressed

Cameras in the parking lots are working and campus safety is working on further securities to prevent theftery

Lounges in Volkman and Wilson are going to have cameras

Associate provost is final step if issues with a faculty member arises and the chair of the department cannot help

Covid-testing on campus has issues with getting results back to the students

Intramural Basketball is going to happen, but it is student sponsored

Club/Union Updates

· Judson Creative Society: Open-mic night

· AIAS: Career fair

· JBS: Help with Linked-In event

· JU Improv:

· LSU:

· BSU: Black history month is


· Beyond the Sidelines:

Social Update

Kelly: VP of Social

Bowling is on Friday

Advocacy Update

Paige: VP of Advocacy

Resume and Linked-In workshop on Feb. 18

Marketing Update

Lizeth: VP of Marketing

Posters for presidential candidates, bowling and Linked-In workshop

Administrative Update

Riley: President

Feb 22. Presidential Q & A

Feb 23. and 24. Presidential Election

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