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Meeting Notes 02.02.21

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

  • Judson Creative Society: Murder Mystery, finding actors and planning

  • BSU: Planning for this month and activities, next event will be with the Wellness Center – therapy/counseling session

  • AIGA: First meeting last Thursday, planning for the first event this Friday, Valentine’s Day Card Making, will have treats and be safe for everyone, working on social media awareness for BHM that will highlight black designers, planning for more events

  • Judson Business Society: Finalizing first event, free headshots and resume event, working on graphics, working on a google sign-up form to send to everyone

  • JU Improv: Added 3 new members, first official practice last Thursday, first event on the 19th, Improv Game Night at Creekside TBD

  • Latino Student Union (LSU): First meeting next Friday, finalizing where it will be at, handing out Valentine’s Day treats next weekend

  • Recycling Club: Student head will be meeting with Dr. Sandberg, working out events and initiatives for this semester

Advocacy Update Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

  • Planning with BIPOC Instagram page to create engagement and sharing student stories

  • JudsonConnect initiative, planning on getting professors to help students work on the platform

Michaela: Athletics Coordinator

  • Feb. 11, 2 events that will be informal, Town Hall with Dodgeball, 2nd event will be kickball – rules: gym shoes, masks, spectators social distancing

  • Coming up with 6 questions about what can be improved with the Athletic Dept.

Amir: Humanities

  • Scheduled informal town halls, April 1 – formal

  • Zoom meeting w/Dr.Kim, got some feedback and interest in JudsonConnect as well

  • Dr. Towner – provided feedback

  • Will ne looking and reaching out to Dr. Currie

Natalia: Business Management

  • Got in touch with several profs. – touching base, waiting on list of business students to see availability to finalize town halls

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

  • This week will be

  • Informal – Feb. 23

  • Formal – planning date

  • Working on student directory of Architecture students

  • Emailed sophomores with laptop questions and letting people know that they can ask questions about mid-program review

Chris: STEM

  • Met with Dr. Miller, emailed students, tomorrow at 7 – will be meeting with Dr. Stevens and introducing himself to the classes

  • Feb. 28 – informal town hall

  • March – formal Town Hall

Marketing Update

Nina: VP of Marketing

  • El Paraiso won for tacos event on social media

  • JudsonConnect – will be posting on social media, possibly an Instagram reel on how to start

  • Melissa (RD of Ohio) – Virtual Spring Show email promoted by JSO

  • This week we will be posting the graphic for Coffee

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • Finished the Coffee with Nikki poster

  • Working on the dodgeball, cupcake, taco posters

Micah: Videographer

  • Looking up inspiration videos of event recaps

  • Waiting for ice skating

  • Working on full semester recap

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Sent out the Student Activities email

  • Will be posting these meeting notes by the end of the week

  • Working on the poster and graphic for Student Leader rally

  • Reminder to use the marketing request forms on the website, they are linked in the emails

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Waiting for events to take pictures

Liz: Social Media Assistant

  • Posting the coffee graphic

  • Working on reels

  • Working on posting a few days before so they know

Social Update Teddy: VP of Social

  • Partnering with dorms for Super Bowl parties

  • Virtual cupcake decorating event next week, competition and prizes

  • Taco event the following week, Feb. 15

Administrative Update Nikki: President

  • Meeting on Friday, will be planning events for commuters and international students

  • Coffee event on Thursday 11-1 pm

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • Waiting for the receipts stuck in lockbox, make sure to take pictures of receipts

BSU & Black History Month Planning

Shanel Poole: Doctoral Assistant Diversity/Inclusivity

  • Movie night: Working on films to show to students

  • Showcasing dance that stems from African American culture

  • African dancers to show in chapel

  • Step dancers

  • Jersey Day: celebrating African American athletes, wearing athlete’s team apparel, jersey, or team number

  • Partnering with different departments to celebrate Black History Month and fundraise

  • Prayer and Meditation dinner to end month that was originally planned for last semester

  • Different locations can celebrate through creating murals/posters/artwork

Closing Prayer

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