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Meeting Notes 02.09.21

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

· Judson Creative Society: This week will be sending out meeting notes, getting details ready for Murder Mystery coming up

· BSU: Put up posters for Jersey Day on Thursday, Rise interns helped with posters, met with Belinda Adame and planned more for upcoming event on the 17th, still planning for events at the end of February

· AIGA: Valentine’s Day party on Friday, being stricter with COVID protocols, marketing for next event – Design Fest

· Judson Business Society (JBS): First event this Friday for next Tuesday, headshots, resume tips and LinkedIn tests, sign-up sheet on Instagram

· JU Improv: Official Instagram account @juimprov – please follow! In the process of getting a design for team shirts, putting up posters for show on Friday

· LSU: First meeting the Friday at 10 am

· Recycling Club: getting members together and talking about initiatives

Advocacy Update

Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

· Sent email to Chris Lash to distribute chapel credit for students who can’t attend

· Most Town Halls will be next month

Amir: Humanities

· Struggling to get into contact with Psychology department

· Psychology chapel zoom link issue – only majors got it

· Eng. And Edu. Department didn’t have a majors meeting

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

· This week will be looking into Architectural Strategic Plan

· Working with sophomores to see if they are up to date with MPR

Chris: STEM

· Last Wed. met with most of the Computer Science majors, talked with Dr. Stevens, sending out the email for STEM majors about formal town hall in a few weeks

Michaela: Athletic Coordinator

· Feb 11 Dodgeball event, figuring out details and altering the flyer for certain rules, planning another event – Kickball, another meeting with Coach Pop soon

Marketing Update

Naomi: Graphic Designer

· Working on posters

· updating

Micah: Videographer

· Taking video at dodgeball event

· Working on monthly update video and creating a schedule for filming

Kaylie: Creative Director

· Cupcake Contest and Dodgeball Student Gov graphic

· Student Leader Poster and graphics

· Sent out the Student Activities email

· Posted last week’s meeting notes

· Will be posting these meeting notes by the end of the week

Katelyn: Photographer

· Taking pictures at the dodgeball event

Liz: Social Media Manager

· Posted CFA graphic

· Posted Valentine’s Day event photos

· Will be posting upcoming graphics for events

Social Update

Teddy: VP of Social

· SuperBowl partnerships with each dorm

· Cupcake Decorating event, students are signing up and will receive kits on Thursday

· Next Monday- Tacos in Upper Commons

· Ice Skating is TBD

Administrative Update

Nikki: President

· 71 students at the Coffee event, went really well and was advertised well

Riley: Marketing Assistant

· Got the lock box open, will be working on going through the receipts

Jenny: Commuter

· Sending out email for this week, hosting first event at Chipotle, outline for the rest of the semester

Sofia: International

· First meeting with Joy (sponsor) and mapped out events, hoping to have first event in the coming weeks

Wellness Center

· Empathy discussion tomorrow for Chapel

· Talking about self-injury next month for self-injury awareness month

· Event coming up called “Awareness”, partnering with BSU and has guest speaker, Nelicia Butler

· Feel free to email Belinda Adame with any questions

Closing Prayer

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