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Meeting Notes 02.16.21

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

· Judson Creative Society: Sent out meeting notes to the team, will be working with asst. director and sponsor to work out details with murder mystery event. They will probably plan another meeting to finalize details for that event soon.

· BSU: Conversation with the Henderson’s for Kingdom Advancement Center, prophetess – Tiffany Anderson and her husband, that we met earlier with > will be working with BSU again for more events and discussions, possibly Bible Studies – Tue, Jersey Day – received many pictures from faculty and students, attended the Student Leader Rally – looking forward to next year and a new approach, Sat. – student life committee meeting went well, upcoming event with Wellness Center tomorrow over zoom, in the process of securing movie to show – set for Feb. 21st Sunday

· AIGA: Continuing to promote for next event – Design Fest! We are planning another meeting in the next few weeks

· JBS: Fri. – Headshots event was the best turnout for JBS, working on getting pictures sent out, leaders meeting this week to discuss next event – Luncheon LinkedIn

· JU Improv: First event coming up this Friday – Improv Game Night – Come hang out with the Improv Team and play games. We are in the process of ordering team t-shirts so we can have them at our events.

· LSU: First meeting on Friday - a lot of people attended, chapel credit was offered, we brainstormed for next event and planning next meeting. We are working on designing a logo.

· Recycling Club: We are focusing on social media promotion, created logo, spreading word to student body and reaching out to PlantOps for future initiatives on recycling around campus/dorms

Advocacy Update

Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

· First Advocate event with Athletic Coordinators – great turnout

· Sat. – missed board meeting because of game, great report, good questions and liking the initiatives

· Met with Maurice and Steffany – very productive and great discussion, action items > Student Gov meetings will promote the JudsonConnect platform

Amir: Humanities

· Gotten some contact about diversity panel from professors, in the library – I am working on a project that will be looking for books that promote diversity and diversify our library content

Natalia: Business Management

· Getting ready for Student Gov. meeting next week, will see how the form response will be and prepare for the meeting

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

· This week – My focus was on the sophomores and their MPR, I’ve been answering questions and helping them get ready. Student Gov. meeting will be next week.

Chris: STEM

· Next week – first informal Student Gov. next week, will go to each individual class to promote event – I found that this worked better than sending out surveys and waiting for responses. I received a couple suggestions that I hope can be implemented.

Michaela: Athletics Coordinator

· Dodgeball event and athletic Student Gov. meeting went great, football players got a little competitive, winners will be receiving CFA gift cards, got great feedback and requests – going over those with Coach Pop

Marketing Update

Naomi: Graphic Designer

· Working on Town Hall posters for next week

Micah: Videographer

· Sent out sign up form for JSO update video on homebase, please sign up when you are available, aiming for a few people from each branch

Kaylie: Creative Director

· Sent out emails this week with updates on events from Student Leader Rally, BSU, & JBS

· Sent out the Student Activities email

· Posted last week’s meeting notes

· Will be posting these meeting notes by the end of the week

Liz: Marketing Assistant

· Only 3 people participated in cupcake decorating contest – winner was Laysha, will receive gift card

· Posted taco poster for catering event on Monday

· Town hall posters will be posted next week

· Posting for Flash Coffee Day

· Wellness center event will be posted this week

· LSU post – most liked post and most interaction on feed

Katelyn: Photographer

· Took pictures at the Dodgeball event and Student Leader Rally – will be getting those pictures out this week on social media and website

· Took headshots at JBS event

Social Update

Teddy: VP of Social

· Tacos Event yesterday – delayed event because of miscommunication with prepping and distributing, also wasn’t able to scan ids, but will make sure that is better for next time

· Upcoming event for this Friday – Flash Coffee Day at Dunkin’!

· Next event on Friday – speed volleyball tournament - 27th

Administrative Update

Nikki: President

· Zip-ups will be here on the 26th, customized for each member

Riley: Marketing Assistant

· Nothing new with budget, filling out receipts as they come in

Nayeli & Jenny: Commuter

· Sent out survey to commuters

· Had Chipotle event on Friday – good turnout

Sofia: International

· First event – 28th Mt. Olivia for snow tubing

· Planning to give out goodie bags for midterms week

Student Life Updates: Aubree Flickema

· Issues with washing machines in Volkman – should have received quarters and if you need more reach out to your RD

· New account rep. with CSC for future washing machines, IST is working on fixing the issue, but it’s up to the company

· Volkman parking lot – trying to get ahead with communication to remove snow and ice, thank you for moving your cars

· If you see something – say something to PlantOps to help alert them

· Open Dorm – isolated 2 events with high COVID cases last semester, will be testing open dorm date in all 4 dorms, sign up ahead of time, must be masked, if there’s good compliance – then we will try to slowly implement open dorm and hopefully go back to normal.

· Any concerns, feel free to notify me at

Closing Prayer

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