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Meeting Notes 03.01.2022

3-for-3 Concerns:

Chad Briggs offers 5 Week Workshop of Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance

Flyers will be up

WiFi issues, especially in the library

Access to the buildings is still a big issue, especially on the weekends

Club/Union Updates

· Judson Creative Society:


· JBS:

· JU Improv:

· LSU:

· BSU:


· Beyond the Sidelines:

Social Update

Kelly: VP of Social

Chick-Fil-A catering, limited number of sandwiches

Spring Dance at March 18th

Advocacy Update

Paige: VP of Advocacy

Library chat time on Thursday 5:15-6:15

Marketing Update

Lizeth: VP of Marketing

Midterm posters and Spring Dance posters

Pictures of Events

Administrative Update

Riley: President

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