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Meeting Notes 03.02.21

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

  • Judson Creative Society: Meeting last Thur. to figure out lists of actors for murder mystery, backups as well, finalizing lists by Friday so people can get together costumes

  • BSU: Meeting last Sun., didn’t have a big turnout but spoke with Willy (part of Boys and Girls Club), next Sun., movie night with Steve Skipper – popcorn and pizza provided, asking faculty members to sponsor students to attend event, BSU is looking for a graphic designer!

  • AIGA: Planning Design Fest, biggest event of the semester, publicizing, will have a meeting after Spring break in preparation

  • JBS: LinkedIn Luncheon event after Spring Break, will have meeting this week to plan

  • JU Improv: Recently purchased team shirts, working on practicing for event after Spring Break

  • LSU: Two events this week for Midterms! Planning on those events and understanding the club processes

  • Recycling Club: No updates

Social Update Teddy: VP of Social

  • Volleyball Tournament this weekend, very intimate, lower turnout than expected

  • Viator Coffee Day on Monday, Viator Cart might be in the near future!

  • Hot chocolate and Mexican sweet bread – after break, then turning over executives for next year’s team

Advocacy Update Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

  • No updates

Natalia: Management

  • Student Gov last week, best turnout of the whole year, in the process of updating department heads with what happened

Paige: Art, Design, & Architecture

  • Informal Student Gov – went well, will probably setting another soon, very open and students felt

  • Got in contact with Cindy about the question about financial allocation, will be getting back

Chris: STEM

  • Informal Student Gov meeting last wed. – good turnout, 4-5 concerns were brainstormed, directed concerns of students to professors and advisors, discussing changes

Michaela: Athletics Coordinator

  • Moved the Kickball Tournament to Mar. 30th, too close in time to dodgeball event – finalizing details and regulations that are COVID-safe

  • Wanted to have more time to get the suggestions through and possible changes made

  • Having trouble connecting with Coach Pop, very busy

  • Talking about a third event in May to help “pass the torch” for new AC’s (probably an outdoor event)

Marketing Update Nina: VP of Marketing

  • Created Student Emergency Fund poster to promote, spread the word

  • Looking over Micah’s updates video and will give her notes, hopefully will be posted on Fri. or Sat.

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • Did the dodgeball poster

  • working on the churro and hot chocolate event

  • Kickball poster

Micah: Videographer

  • Finished editing the first video this weekend – shoutout to the members who participated

  • Will have that uploaded once it is finished

  • Planning for next video

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Created the graphic for Flash Coffee from Viator on Monday

  • Sent out the email with poster for Volleyball event

  • Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday

  • Posted last week’s meeting notes, will be posting these meeting notes by the end of the week

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Took photos at the Volleyball tournament

  • Uploaded dodgeball and student leader rally

Liz: Social Media Assistant

  • Started making reels for JSO Instagram

  • International event reel went really well – 5k views

  • Will be posting posters for the events

  • Live pictures were posted when in attendance

Administrative Update Nikki: President

  • Partnering with campus for “Love Elgin Day” April 10th, campus volunteering day – food drive, more info. is coming soon, students will drop off goods, sort, and deliver to places in need

  • Willow Lake Estates (mobile home community behind Judson), football team will be helping rake, assist with yard work, and cleaning for community

  • Making a sign-up sheet for students' campus-wide if they would like to volunteer.

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • The budget is looking good, we are doing well

Nayeli & Jenny: Commuter

  • Finalized schedules with remainder of semester, lots of fun event planned

Sofia & Maria: International

  • Finalized schedules for the semester, working on partnering with LSU to have a bigger food drive at the end of the year when it is warmer

Closing Prayer

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