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Meeting Notes 03.23.21

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

  • Judson Creative Society: Past Sat. – murder mystery event, good turnout, good time for community and fun

  • BSU: Working on upcoming events

  • AIGA: Planning Design Fest – for students and alumni to share and sell their work, planning on making it a fun scavenger hunt style so every table can be seen, spread throughout HAWAC, call for vendors will go out on Sun.

  • JBS: April 6 – LinkedIn Luncheon, Dr. Groppel will be guest speaker, location is secured, and graphic is done for social media posting

  • JU Improv: This Fri. – first show, in chapel at 8pm, bad turnout at last event so hopeful for this event where participation is not required, team shirts came in

  • LSU: This Fri. – student will be teaching how to dance merengue, meeting today for leaders and planning of event

Love Elgin Day – University and JSO partnership

  • Advocates will be helping with food drive, outside of the dining hall, bookstore will be opening a food pantry in the fall for students in need

  • Willow Lake estates clean up – volunteer to clean homes, yardwork, and other service projects

  • Concert of Prayer – Sat., look for posters, chapel credit offered

Social Update Teddy: VP of Social

  • Churros and hot chocolate on Fri. - pretty good event

  • Easter Egg Hunt next week – golden eggs can be redeemed for prize, campus-wide

Advocacy Update Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

  • Student Gov meetings this week, getting ready for next week for Love Elgin week

Natalia: Management

  • Last Student Gov is tomorrow, will be giving updates on questions and concerns from the last meeting, opening discussion on suggestions for next year for next year’s advocate to start from

Michaela: Athletics Coordinator

  • Sending another email to Coach Pop for confirmation about tomorrow

Marketing Update

Nina: VP of Marketing

  • Sorting through marketing for Love Elgin Day, collaborating with the University and Communications Dept.

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • Finished the Easter Egg Hunt poster

  • Working on the Athletic student gov poster

  • Working on the Love Elgin food drive poster

Micah: Videographer

  • Planning the March updates video, filming this week

  • Final recap video of the whole team

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday

  • Will be posting the meeting notes on the website

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Waiting for Love Elgin week to take photos

Liz: Social Media Assistant

  • Will be posting the graphics and posters for the upcoming events

Administrative Update Nikki: President

  • Commuters had a Panda Express event last Fri. – good turnout and students enjoyed it

  • International presidents are planning to partner with the Bike Shop for a bike ride around the area

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • Budget is looking good

  • For next year: talked about possibility of homecoming next year

Closing Prayer

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