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Meeting Notes 03.30.21

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

· Judson Creative Society: Winding down from the Murder Mystery event, meeting with sponsor and asst. director to see what we can accomplish for the rest of the semester

· BSU: Student panel with 4 students to discuss faith and diversify the faith experience at Judson

· AIGA: Call for vendors went out for Design Fest, filled 10 spots, 2 spots are left, AIGA will be meeting and figuring out how to make it safe and fun – April 23rd

· Judson Business Society: Meeting last Fri., updating their budget for this semester, had to push back a couple events, LinkedIn Luncheon will be moved to next month, working on transition with leadership

· JU Improv: Good turnout at the show, there is a show mid-April and one at the end of the semester, continuing planning for that

· LSU: Their dance event turned out really well, looking forward to the remainder of events for this semester

Love Elgin Day – University and JSO Partnership

· Sign-up sheets will be going out to campus soon

Social Update

Teddy: VP of Social

· Ongoing Easter Egg hunt, 10 golden hidden eggs, 7 have been claimed

· Helping with Love Elgin Day after Easter

· Mini golf in the middle of the month

· Movie day towards end of month

· Planning something for finals week as well

Advocacy Update

Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

· Scheduled meeting with Aubree Flickema about LGBT+ concerns

Amir: Humanities

· Preparing for next Student Gov meeting – 8th but might change depending on other events for that week, attended to STEM student gov meeting and took notes, attended Natalia’s student gov meeting

Natalia: Management

· Last Student Gov meeting last week, had great turnout and discussion about the next semester

Chris: STEM

· Some difficulty with Portillo’s food ordering on Portillo’s part, had to prolong meeting, prof. shared updates while Chris was on the way with the food

Marketing Update

Nina: VP of Marketing

· Humanities Student Gov meeting poster

· Standing in Solidarity event with the Wellness Center

· Athletic Student Gov meeting will be posted on stories

· Art & Design Student Gov meeting information will be posted on stories

· Love Elgin Day poster – be on the lookout for those

· March update video will be out before Easter break

Administrative Update

Nikki: President

· Commuters and Internationals will have an event later

· Budget – Riley and I are cleaning it up

· Planning to get another zip-up order for people who did not get one/wrong size

Closing Prayer

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