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Meeting Notes 04.06.21

Opening Prayer


Club Updates

· Judson Creative Society: No new updates, figuring out meeting with Melissa, club sponsor

· BSU: planning for surprise dinner for Dr. Sartor, alumni guest list, moved to chapel, meeting with Spiritual counsel and what Judson can do to help engage younger generations in the faith

· AIGA: preparing for Design Fest, more info. will be shared in the upcoming weeks

· JBS: LinkedIn Luncheon is today, Jimmy Johns catered, a lot of sports conflicts happening now so attendance might be slow

· JU Improv: Doing practices now, currently debating canceling show for next week because team might not be ready, practice will be tonight so will be talking with the team

· LSU: No new updates, good turnout for dance night, planning for another event


Social Update

Teddy: VP of Social

· Easter Egg Hunt, still one more golden egg

· Mini golf & movie night – handled under new branch leadership


Advocacy Update

Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

· Student Gov meetings have had good attendance recently

· Solidifying a partnership for chapel credit and Student Gov meetings, keeping that partnership for next year

Amir: Humanities

· Last Student Gov meeting on Thur., spreading the word to department students, keep spreading the word, putting up posters today and getting card for catering

Paige: Art, Design, & Architecture

· Chapel credit was secured yesterday

· Working to get in contact with department chairs

· Meeting with professors to discuss Student Gov meeting notes

Michaela: Athletics Coordinator

· Difficult without outreach of Coach Pop, had to postpone kickball event and student gov meeting – didn’t get any feedback. Hoping to get the meeting and have event next week


Marketing Update

Naomi: Graphic Designer

· Working on the Mini-golf poster

Micah: Videographer

· Posted the March updates video

· Working on year recap video

· Will be shooting for Love Elgin Day

Kaylie: Creative Director

· Weekly Activity emails going out, probably will be sending out some with reminders of events for this week

· Posted last week’s meeting notes, will be posting these meeting notes by the end of the week

Katelyn: Photographer

· Taking pictures at Love Elgin Day and Pass the Torch

Liz: Social Media Assistant

· Posting on social media and stories


Administrative Update

Nikki: President

· Commuters will probably doing another catering or Dunkin event

Riley: Marketing Assistant

· Let me know if you are going to spend over $150 just for communication

Maria: International

· Last event a week ago, good turnout, new people joined

· Planning a last big event either this weekend or next event, Paintball or Six Flags – possibly Sunday


Closing Prayer

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