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Meeting Notes 09.14.2021


3-for-3 Concerns:

· Wifi problems all around campus, especially in the dorms

· Work orders are not completed → Riley is going to email the head of Plant Operations

· Campus safety is going to be here next week, come with questions

· Cafeteria has improved a lot this year

· Drum cage in Chapel reflects the lights and is very bright for audience in center section


Club Updates

· Club Fair on Wednesday next week


Social Update

Kelly: VP of Social

· Upcoming event: Taste of Judson and partnering with LSU on Wednesday

· Upcoming Oct. 9th, Bonfire that was postponed


Advocacy Update

Manuel: VP of Advocacy

· Fox River Cleanup: 1-3pm on Saturday (chapel credit provided)


Marketing Update

Lizeth: VP of Marketing

· New member, Dylan Chandler as photographer

· All of the pictures of JSO members are taken and published to website

· Photos of Wingo will be posted to website

· Taste of Judson posters and graphics ill be posted soon to social media

· Homecoming court surveys went out (please only complete for your own class/grade)


Administrative Update

Riley: President


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