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Meeting Notes 09/18/20

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

  • Clubs selected and representatives present

  • Overview of Club Manual – guidelines for clubs on campus

  • Club Fair on September 30th in Upper Commons at 12pm

  • Creative Society: students can gather and plan events that are creative in nature

  • BSU: finalizing leadership, first meeting will be Thursday 24th, HAWAC 221

  • JU Improv: figuring out ways to present Improv this year, possible Facebook lives

  • Specific guidelines for events and planning will be sent out

3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus

  • Path walking back from HAWAC to Wilson, (Quad) lights are out

  • Straws aren’t given at the dining hall with the cup, concerned with how cups are being handled

  • Wearing masks properly, enforcing masks inside buildings

Director of Institutional research and Effectiveness: Chad Briggs

  • Assessing and evaluating programs to see if they work

  • Identifying trends and differences in relationships that point out strengths and weaknesses to better suit programs on campus

  • Retention research for incoming students, identifying students who are likely to leave and supporting them or providing ways to help

Social Update Teddy: VP

  • Taco Tuesday – 75 people

  • Top Golf – no response, price is a little high, may need to switch it last minute

Advocacy Update Damaryan: VP

  • Meeting with Nikki, Aubree and Dr. Sartor concerning LGBTQ student safety on campus

  • Specifying language to clarify

  • Club Fair date may be extended due to other events and planning

  • BBQ of the Majors, next Friday, Sept. 25th, looking for grills

  • BIPOC week: finalizing outline for the week, Monday-Friday events, Prayer and remembrance Walk on Saturday

  • Art gallery plan – contacting Cindy Zarris for using the first level of HAWAC

Carter: DCWPA

  • Town Hall today

Chris: STEM

  • Town Hall yesterday, low turnout but good conversation

  • Dr. Henderson and Dr. Richard were present, heard from multiple perspectives

Amir: Humanities

  • Handing out business cards in department

  • Combining DCWPA social event for next month

Natalia: Business Management

  • Tow Hall on Monday Sept. 21st, encourage students to come out

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

  • Town Hall is rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts, Sept. 29th

  • Sending out survey today for students to express concerns

Nayeli & Jenny: Commuter

  • Commuter event, encourage students

  • Sent out surveys

Maria & Sofia: International

  • Students will play mini golf next Sunday

  • Sofia is working on planning the Town Hall

Marketing Update

Nina: VP

  • In contact with Mary from Communications, working on contract

  • Posted about the Football scrimmage on Instagram

Micah: Videographer

  • Filmed video on Sunday

  • Editing and adding graphics to video

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday

  • Designed posters for Upcoming Town Halls

  • Went over the poster design for upcoming events: Chick-fil-A & Dunkin

  • Posting meeting notes later this week

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • More updates to budget

  • Call back a business about Student discounts

  • Will call more businesses, will go in person for contact

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Posting Taco Tuesday photos on Facebook and JSO website

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • BBQ of the Majors poster, Dunkin and Chick-fil-A poster

  • When submitting poster request, make sure the event has been approved

Closing Prayer

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