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Meeting Notes 09/25/20

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

Judson Bike Club, Judson Creative Society

Black Student Union: first meeting was good, students and faculty attended, in 2 weeks, there will be the next meeting, preparing for BIPOC Week

JU Improv: planning auditions in October, planning to do more outside shows this semester 3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus

  • International students coming for commencement, would have been nice to have a room to change clothes or stay before/after event

  • Football Scrimmage did not appear to follow the same protocols/guidelines we have to for our events – some people did not feel comfortable/safe

Social Update

Teddy: Social VP

  • Mini-Golf: This Saturday

  • Chick-fil-A: Next Tuesday at 11am

  • Dodgeball tournament: the following week

  • Poster Board: Will be used for marketing

Advocacy Update Damaryan: Advocacy VP

  • BBQ of the Majors tonight!

  • BIPOC week preparation

  • Art, Design, and Architecture Town Hall next Tuesday

  • Club Fair: October 14th, Wednesday 11am-12pm

Sofia & Maria: International

  • Mini-golf change > Postponed first event to next Sunday, will be going to Top Golf instead

  • Figuring out a way to conduct the Town Halls, thinking of contacting International Alumni

Amir: Humanities

  • Checked in with some of the Education majors, upperclassmen do not have practicum, lowerclassmen are managing practicums – will continue checking in on students

  • Psychology: checked in with Statistics class – making sure people have access to tutors, many are feeling good with the class as of now

Natalia: Business Management

  • Town Hall recap at next meeting

Carter: DCWPA

  • Town Hall recap: good discussion with Dr. Kania, overall beneficial to get comfortable with facilitating town hall, will work on making sure the time/days will work within students’ schedules

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

  • Town Hall next Tuesday

Chris: STEM

  • Town Hall recap: 2 professors present, struggled to get students involved, attend events and meetings, will work on brainstorming new ways through talking with the students so they feel welcomed

Nayeli & Jenny: Commuter

  • First event on Tuesday – Dunkin

  • Working on 2 events in October

Marketing Update Nina: Marketing VP

  • Working on partnership with Communications for photo sharing

  • Working with Fitness Center and Athletics

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • Mini-golf, Dodgeball, Club Fair poster

  • BIPOC poster

Micah: Videographer

  • Will be posting the Intro Video this coming week

  • Working on September Monthly Updates video

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday

  • Posted meeting notes

  • Created mini golf graphic that will be posted on Instagram

  • Designed graphic for email footer (social media)

Liz: Social Media Manager

  • Posting graphics on JSO social media platforms

  • Attending events to take live pictures and posting on stories

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • Adding receipts

  • Working on finding Bubble Tea places to work with, looking into Coffee Haus

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Photographing the BBQ and the Mini Golf event

  • Will be uploading Taco Tuesday on Facebook

Closing Prayer

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