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Meeting Notes 09.28.2021


3-for-3 Concerns:

· Room checks will be happening soon, let your RA's know if you have any work orders and they will be checking to make sure things are functioning


Social Update

Kelly: VP of Social

· Bonfire has been postponed to October 9th! Come out for s'mores, a fire, and a refreshments.

· Commuter event at Chipotle happening on October 4th

· Homecoming weekend is coming up and there will be events, a poster will be made and marketed soon! Events will include: Food drive, Networking Night, & a Virtual Networking Night


Advocacy Update

· Diversity week is coming up

· Club Fair was successful and many people came and showed interest


Marketing Update

Lizeth: VP of Marketing

· No new updates


Administrative Update

Riley: President

· No new updates


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