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Meeting Notes 10/09/20

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

  • Creative Society: Working with Carter, Amir, and Social branch to plan open-mic night, organizing returning members, planning a meeting with Asst. director and sponsor

  • Black Student Union: BSU Showcase yesterday, went well, working on setting up stations for walk on Saturday and planning further events

  • JU Improv Team: push back rehearsals for next week

3 for Free – time to express concerns about campus

  • Creekside Bridge is rickety

  • Skunk smell

Social Update

Teddy: Social VP

  • Next Tuesday; Portillo’s

  • Freshman intern application, 2 positions available to get new members for next semester

  • Open-mic night at the end of the Month with Creative Society, Amir, and Carter

Advocacy Update

Damaryan: Advocacy VP

  • BIPOC Week: going really well, students are interested and excited for this to happen in the future

  • Following up with Aubree Flickema about updating lifestyle agreement, LGBTQ protections

  • Meeting with Athletic coordinator next week about new position

Amir: Humanities

  • Adding information for the first town hall (Oct. 27th) facility request & poster request, Education major meeting in Creekside

Natalia: Business Management

  • Working on JBS (Business Society), gathering people and starting it back up

Carter: DCWPA

  • Communicating with Dr. Anderson to continue making the open hours of studios more flexible

Chris: STEM

  • Talked with one of the professors, disconnect between student and professor, trying to find solution for the students to better the class and learning environment

Jenny & Nayeli: Commuters

  • Free Bagels in Commuter Lounge

Maria & Sofia: International Students

  • Top Golf event last week

  • Town Hall on the 15th at Jerry’s

Marketing Update Nina: Marketing VP

  • Stickers that will be passed out at the Walk on Saturday

  • Still in contact with Mary Dulabaum for contract and social media credit

Naomi: Graphic Designer

  • BIPOC Week poster, club fair poster, JSO social branch intern poster

  • If there is an update with an event, please email directly if there are changes or additions

Micah: Videographer

  • Attended all events and got video for a compiled video

  • September updates video

Kaylie: Creative Director

  • Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday

  • Posted meeting notes

  • Updated pictures on website pages

  • Updated student initiatives page (deals & clubs)

  • Took pictures at the Barber Shop event, will be editing and posting to website

Liz: Social Media Manager

  • Attended events and posted updates on Instagram story

  • Promoting events from this week on social media

  • Giveaway on Instagram

Riley: Marketing Assistant

  • Filling in information and invoices with receipts

Katelyn: Photographer

  • Working on editing pictures from events of BIPOC Week

Closing Prayer

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