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Meeting Notes 10/30/20

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

· Judson Creative Society: Last Friday – met with Sponsor and assistant director, brainstormed events for next year, sent out email updates to full team planning open-mic night, new MC

· BSU: hour long Zoom meeting, discussion about conflict going on in Nigeria, finding ways to donate money and give news on what’s going on

· AIGA: started a mask competition, due next week, winner will receive a $50 gift card

· Judson Business Society: sent out emails to new members, sent email to old members to ask if they want to participate this year, planning the schedule for next semester, will plan to talk to students during the majors meeting to introduce themselves and invite them to events

· JU Improv: sent out emails to invite new members of group, start scheduling practices to get a show by the end of the semester

· Bike Club: working out a deal and to find a new representative


· Hired new interns for next semester

· Open-Mic Night, planning with Creative Society with last-minute changes

· Next week – International Game Night

Advocacy Update

Natalia: Business Management

· Sent surveys to dept. heads, guest speaker at next town hall, town hall next week

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

· Working on survey to get out next week, planning town hall

Chris: STEM

· Science & Math has its first department meeting next week, in 2 weeks there will be a guest speaker Med. Student to discuss his experiences, next Wed. – asking about social event for department

Amir: Humanities

· This week, Tues. – Humanities Town Hall, pretty good turnout of students and profs., had Education profs. attend, questions answered and discussion was had, technical issues with the zoom call but will be looking for ways for improvement

Marketing Update

Nina: VP of Marketing

· Next semester will be adding a new form for social media requests

· In every Student Activities email there is a form to fill out if you would like to be included in the email so Kaylie has all the information you would like to be shared

Naomi: Graphic Designer

· Poster requests – will be sending out confirmation emails

· Working on Posters for: International Game Night, Management Town Hall

Micah: Videographer

· Working on the BIPOC week video, adding graphics and audio, should be done tonight

Kaylie: Creative Director

· Sent out the Student Activities email on Sunday

· Posted meeting notes from last week’s meeting

· Created the graphic for Open-Mic Night

· Sent out the email about sign-ups for Open-Mic Night

Riley: Marketing Assistant

· Meeting with Nikki, talking about budget for next year, scheduling out for next year

Katelyn: Photographer

· Finished uploading pictures on website and Facebook

· Photographing the Open Mic Night

Liz: Social Media Manager

· Instagram reel for JSO’s outing to Tom’s Market

· Posted graphics on social media as well as updating stories

Closing Prayer

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