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Meeting Notes 11.09.2021


3-for-3 Concerns:

· PlantOps is working on accomplishing tasks

Club/Union Updates

· Judson Creative Society: Sign up for the next event, Jingle-Jam will be sent out

· AIAS: T-shirt design is being revised and worked on

· JBS: Figuring out and deciding what the next community service project will be the the rest of the members

· JU Improv: First official event is tomorrow at 8pm in Thompson Auditorium

· SAAC: meeting tonight at 7pm!


Social Update

Kelly: VP of Social

· Roller Skating event next Friday! Be on the lookout for posters and sign-up form link


Advocacy Update

Paige: VP of Advocacy

· Love Elgin weekend is happening this week! Chapel credit will be provided.


Marketing Update

Lizeth: VP of Marketing

· No new updates besides posting and emails


Administrative Update

Riley: President

· JSO members, white elephant exchange at the Crume's Christmas party


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