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Meeting Notes 11/13/20

Opening Prayer

Club Updates

· Judson Creative Society: Scheduling a full team meeting soon, getting ready for the Christmas event, finding student small businesses.

· BSU: Event next week, prayer and restoration dinner, food will be provided by sponsors.

· AIGA: Wrapped up the Mask competition, later today will announce the winner, planning an event before finals.

· Judson Business Society: first meeting today at 3:30, will be held over zoom, introductions and discussion about goals for this year, will plan an event before finals.

· JU Improv: First official rehearsal on Monday, will plan an event to showcase the team, Dec. 4 is the proposed date.

Student Life Update from Aubree Flickema, Dean of Student Life & Leadership

· When will open dorm be happening? There will be communication later today, need a way to track who is in the dorms and sign-ups, times, limits, maybe a few days at the end of the semester. There’s been issues with mask compliance in the dorms, so this is also a factor.

· How would commuters be impacted by open dorm? It would depend, we would need to figure out a way to be in compliance like with the residents on campus.

· Some students who are quarantined/isolation are struggling with profs. not being supportive or helpful with eLearning. Is there a way there could be a set standard, so students do not feel at a disadvantage? The Provost is looking at planning to re-set a standard that goes across Academic expectations for professors

· People from the community coming onto campus. They are required to stay outside of campus buildings and wear masks around people.

· WIFI Issues while being in quarantine? The access points have been updated, there was a delay because of backorder but should be installed soon.

· Are we coming back after Thanksgiving break? As of now, we are planning to return. If a student does not feel comfortable or want, they can make arrangements with professor to do the rest of the semester online.

· If people go into quarantine before a break, will they be required to stay on-campus/at home? The University is not forcing people. It will be a case-by-case issue and up to students.

Advocacy Update

Damaryan: VP of Advocacy

· Chapel credit, marketing, outreach has been improved for Town Halls

· Application will be put out in the Sunday email for new Athletics Coordinator position

Sofia: International

· No new updates

Amir: Humanities

· Took notes at STEM Town Hall and was able to engage

Natalia: Business Management

· Waiting for department heads to get the meeting notes sent out, planning for a next town hall (like a watch party)

Carter: DCWPA

· Talking to professors about talking in their classes to meet people, get feedback

Paige: Art & Design and Architecture

· Town Hall went well, working on getting notes out, zoom meeting for Architecture department coming soon.

Chris: STEM

· Town Hall this week, bigger turnout, students enjoyed the input from the guest speaker

Nayeli & Jenny: Commuter

· Chipotle Event, a lot of students, trying to schedule a couple more events before finals, figuring out what can be done within the budget

Marketing Update

Naomi: Graphic Designer

· Finished the Spike ball poster

· Working on the athletics coordinator new position poster

Micah: Videographer

· Working on the last video of the semester

· Sending out a schedule for a challenge video

Kaylie: Creative Director

· Sent out the Student Activities Email

· Posting the meeting notes this weekend

· Will be working on the Spike ball graphic

Riley: Marketing Assistant

· Reaching out to the BIPOC week businesses for student deals

· Will be sending out the budget for the rest of the semester, so branches know how much is left to spend.

Katelyn: Photographer

· Working on updating website and Facebook with photos

Closing Prayer

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